NovaFrut: fruit and vegetable wholesalers

Novafrut is based in the Agri-Food Centre of Bologna (CAAB) and specializes in mixed cargo, even highly perishable produce. Novafrut offers the full range of Italian fruit and vegetables as well as imported produce

Frutta e verdura Bologna

Fruit and vegetables in Bologna

The main produce sold by Novafrut includes all greenhouse vegetables from southern Italy and Spain, open-field vegetables from all Italian production areas, citrus fruits from dedicated areas along the Calabrian coast (clementines) and from the slopes of Mount Etna (oranges), melons from Protected Geographical Indication areas, and typical produce from Emilia-Romagna (peaches, kiwis and brown chestnuts)

We also specialize in the sale of fourth range products (salads, soups, etc.) on a national and international level

Request further information

To contact the staff at Novafrut and request a quote, further information or details about our produce, just fill out the form in the "Contact us" page of our website, or call us on +39 051 2861596.Our main office is at Via Paolo Canali 16 in Bologna, Italy.

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